Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just a little patience...

yeah. yeah. yeah.

I thought after 15 years of teaching technical information to art students, I would have this patience thing down. Turns out, a two and a half year old puts those college kids to shame. Sure, spending 30 minutes trying to figure out why their web pages don't seem to be formatting correctly (maybe it has something to do with 15 Div boxes for three content areas? Doh! no, it's a missing curly brace!) seems like a pretty good test of mental focus. But, I'm not sure how this competes with waiting for your toddler to climb into a car seat while your bum is waiting outside the car in bitter cold so you can {finally} cinch the car seat belt. Because every button, switch, object, stray Cheerio, and crevasse must be examined. Quinn - Dad's car isn't really thaaaatt exciting.

Oh, I'm wrong.

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