Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beer: Indie's Mutt Brown Ale

Indie's Mutt Brown Ale is bottled.

Now I try to be patient as it carbonates...I really, really want to taste it. Indie was a special pup, my first, and despite her barking flaws, she was an big sweetheart. I hope this brown Ale does her justice. I'm wondering it will have the intensity and drama that Indie's personality had. I've been drinking so much Oatmeal Stout lately (hmmm...does that sound bad?) that I think this beer will be tame by comparison.

I did add plenty of Belgian Special B Caramel Malt, some aromatic malt, honey malt, pale chocolate malt, and Munich malt. Plus, I tossed in some flaked oats because I like to pretend that beer is good for me.

Cheers to Indie Rock! You were the best.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Left Nut

I think the title of this one is still up in the air. But the work is done. I think I'm happy with the way it came out. It was such a powerful initial photograph that I was not quite sure how to do it justice. And, like all creative works, it's quite possible I didn't. The full 360 degree panorama is on my website.

Any suggestions for a title? I'd give my...

Now I can get to work on my beer labels for Indie's Mutt Brown Ale.