Monday, December 17, 2012

Otto's Baltic (Barktic?) Porter

Though it's not quite ready yet, My first attempt at a Baltic Porter taste pretty good. It will be the first of many batches.

Otto beer label

When I racked the beer into the secondary fermenter, it tasted pretty alcoholic (it's about 8% ABV) and I was worried the roasted character wouldn't be strong enough. So...I threw in more hops. I'm pretty sure your not supposed to dry hop a Baltic Porter, so I only added a half once of Glacier and a half once of Cascade (homegrown!) hops. I think it was a good call. This beer has a unique spiciness, almost like liquorice that I've never had in any of the other brews. I'm not sure where this came from (Saaz hops?), but I like it.

Prost, Otto dog!